Welcome to Sweetie Bee Honey

Welcome to Sweetie Bee Honey! SweetieBee offers the highest quality, pure, raw honey San Diego County has to offer! We only deal with trusted apiaries, all family owned and operated. All of our very special & delicious honey is minimally filtered and never heated or pasteurized. Most varieties are wild-sourced, the Alfalfa Blossom honey is from organic Alfalfa fields and the Orange Blossom, Avocado Blossom, and Grapefruit/Lemon Blossom varieties come from unsprayed groves.

We have eight varieties available, all from the San Diego County backcountry. Each variety has a unique, distinct flavor and color. For example, the Grapefruit/Lemon is a very light amber honey with a clean sweet taste and a slight citrus aftertaste, while the Avocado Blossom honey is a dark, rich honey that’s not too sweet and has a light molasses flavor. For more details on the taste and health benefits of the eight varieties we offer, go to our honey variety page. Visit our “Medicine from the Hive” segment to learn of the possible health benefits from the various bee products, such as bee pollen, honeycomb, royal jelly and propolis, all available right here at SweetieBee!

As I work the various San Diego Farmers Markets, I’m constantly asked about the health of our bees, and what’s causing the collapsed hive syndrome. There are a number of reasons for this happening, including: pesticides, mites and other harmful pests, genetically modified seeds that do not pollinate, large farms producing only one crop that stretches for miles and miles, and the fact that many apiaries transport their hives all over the country for various harvests. Transporting bees thousands of miles a year can be very hard on them and contributes to unhealthy hives. The apiaries that supply Sweetie Bee Honey are truly homegrown, and the bees are treated like family. The health of their hives is their greatest concern and as a result the hives are healthy and productive.

Thanks for exploring our Sweetie Bee Honey website, we appreciate your interest in the wonderful honey San Diego has to offer. Check back regularly, we have special limited editions of seasonal honey available (such as Onion Blossom honey, yummy!) and fresh pollen during the spring and summer months!


Bee Well, Bee Happy!!